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          • 5.0 star rating

            My go to brekkie spot.  If you want unique breakfast dishes, variations of coffee drinks and a view in a quaint setting with great service this is it.  I have been here multiple times and it never disappoints.   I would agree there are times the scent of our ocean friends can be offensive but then sit inside by the seashell fireplace.  The steamed scrambled eggs are healthy silky and light, the chaquilles, breakfast tacos, egg benedict and corn beef are fabulous and if you need a kick in the teeth coffee the Keith Richards - 4 shot with mex chocolate will deliver.   The coast toast alone  brings me back over and over again.   Service every time has been delivered with a smile and some pep, never had to wait long for service but to be honest if I had to wait, the view would keep me occupied.  This is not a hit and run joint, this a relax, savor, absorb the local vibe experience.

          • 3824 S Tuttle Ave
            Sarasota, FL 34239
            1.0 star rating

            Mistake #1 - I having been going here for a couple years only because it is close, not because of quality of service.   Today, that ended.  I ordered via the mobile app, 14 min to get to the drive thru window only to find my order wasnt there- sad to say I did fully expected that.  I was then informed I owed a balance -  I am pretty sure you cannot get an order # via the mobile app without payment, but i gave them the benefit of the doubt - mistake #2.  At this point I decided to go into the location- 25 min and counting... the manager informed me that I would have to order again.  This resulted in two orders that I paid for that was clearly reflected in the app order history. When I showed the manager, he was response was that he could not refund my $$ because they are not responsible for the mobile app-34 minutes.  No accountability, no customer service.  Moving forward, I will drive the extra two miles to another location where customer service is a standard.  As a side note, as I was walking out, a truck driver came up to me and said he drives all over the area and this particular DD is the absolute worse in this county, I couldn't agree with him more.

          • 429 Stockton St
            San Francisco, CA 94108
            5.0 star rating

            Boba Guys-  one of my mandated places to go on my SF visits - check

            Wait time/line  - check (but sooooo worth it)

            Boba, made fresh every day with perfect texture that makes you want a bigger straw to enjoy more boba in one slurp - double check

            Lots of fresh, flavorful tea choices and delectable combinations - check

            Tea barristers concoct the perfect boba tea per your specs - check
            (they rival a Starbuck barrister any day of the week, hence the wait time folks)

            Best Boba tea in the US so far (ten states/32 boba places) - BIG check

          • 51 Massachusetts Ave
            Boston, MA 02115
            4.0 star rating

            Kiwi and a brit walk into Cornish pasties hoping for a savory pastry fix, brit and kiwi order an Oggie and a cottage pie, brit and kiwi walk out smiling and live happily ever after.  The vibe of the place reminds us of the corner pubs in the UK and NZ of twenty odd years ago.   Kelsey was our server and was on point, great personality and never left us wanting for anything.  Good beer list, some decent local options, with Kelsey giving great descriptions of each along  with a couple samples to help  us make our decision.   Now to the pasties, there was no skimping on the fillings, perfect balance of meat and veggies - good cuts of meat, no chewy pieces and veggies were cooked perfectly none of that overdone mush.   The pastry was buttery, cooked to a golden colour with crunchie goodness at the ends.   All in all this will be on our repeat list for Boston moving forward.   Oh and if you want to watch them make the pies sit at the bar.   Gotta love that, it tells you they stand by their pies and what goes in them as we can attest to watching those little darlings being made.

          • 5110 Ocean Blvd
            Siesta Key, FL 34242
            5.0 star rating

            Sad day for street taco and ceviche lovers, Chevichelas is no more.   Came here tonight to get my monthly fix of glorious flavourful fresh goodness only to find out the restaurant is under a new name and new chefs.  While the new place and new menu are not bad it fell short, I guess I had become spoiled by the different choices of ceviche, yummy sauces such as ahi Amarillo and chimichurri   Chef Darwin has left the building :(

          • 1821 Morrill St
            Sarasota, FL 34236
            5.0 star rating

            I am a transplant from NE who after alot of research at my hairs expense, scheduled an appointment at D'Cole. That was four years ago, now my whole family gets styled and pampered at D'Cole.  

            The salon is stylish, personable with a great vibe, beverages are always offered, water with a lemon or cucumber ice cube, coffee, or a glass of something more relaxing.  

            Michelle or Lexi are always pleasant when you call and make scheduling a breeze.  

            Brandon is my stylist of choice and is totally amazing.  There are stylists out there who will give what you want (or will try to), even though the look may not suit you or your hair just isn't right for that cut or treatment, Brandon however is a stylist who cares about how you look not only when you leave the salon but how your hair looks weeks later, so he takes the time to talk to you about your choice and if necessary offers other options to give you the look that will leave you smiling and wanting to check yourself out in the mirror more than once : )  

            Brandons attention to detail as well as getting to know his clients likes, dislikes and quirks (be honest we all have them) really makes you relax as soon as you are in his chair, you know you are In good hands.  

            Whether I am local or traveling to the east coast or west coast I am often asked "I love your hair where did you get it done?", I think that pretty much sums it up.

          • 1729 E 7th Ave
            Tampa, FL 33605
            1.0 star rating

            We were excited to try the Creperia Cafe and arrived at 9:30am on a Saturday ready to delve into some tasty crepes. Unfortunately, we ended up walking out.  We were seated at a table for two right by the open front door.  Given it was a chilly day, we asked of we could move to a table by the wall to avoid the draft coming from the open door. The waiter's response was delivered in an impertinent manner stating he could not move us as the tables along the wall were for four tops and we were only two!  I could understand if it was busy but they had a total of three customers at the time. We stated it wasn't busy and we were not going to stay long but the response was it would get busy at some point.  Hmmmm smart  business model, Poorly treat an existing client for a client that has yet to walk in the door!  We ended up at The bunker at 1907 N. 19th st    Who had great coffee, fantastic food, comfy chairs and fantastic customer service.  Keep your chilly customer service Craperie Cafe!!!!!

          • 8 N Union Ave
            Cranford, NJ 07016
            5.0 star rating

            I love this place and the owner Lynn is a sweetheart. She is great with my dog and has made some great recommendations for her. Lynn always checks on her products and has no issues about pulling a product if there any reported issues.  When we decided to move out off state we were bummed both for us and our dog that we wouldn't have access to just 4 pooches but we do make sure when ever we are in NJ we atop by and stock up. And say hi to Lynn.  If you adore your dog this is the store for you.

          • $$ Waxing
            5215 University Pkwy
            Sarasota, FL 34201
            5.0 star rating

            THE only place to go for a wax in Sarasota. I have been a client for over a year and each time has been a pleasant experience, well as much as a wax experience can be.  The wax is always the perfect temperature, no chance of scalding. I have had waxing done by both Trinity and Rachel both of which were personable, professional and very good at what they do.

          • 171 Spring St
            New York, NY 10012
            5.0 star rating

            Stopped by for sangria and brunch.  Red sangria was authentic, made from scratch and not sickly sweet.   A pitcher will give you eight glasses if filled with 1/2 ice.   Ordered the tortilla which came with pan tomate, small salad with a lite dressing and olives - delish.  The burger was prepared as ordered, flavorful, beefy without the grease, the papas that came with it were fantastic.  Ambiance is warm, welcoming and the noise level was low even though the place was full, a NYC rarity.  Five years of NYC brunches and this is at the top of the list.  So if you want brunch with a Spanish flair this is the place.  Comer Feliz!

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