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          • 302 N Carson St
            Carson City, NV 89701
            4.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            Great thing about the Union is if the food is just too much in some way they will replace it. Bad thing is this happens alot to me and my guy. We've been gone for awhile and thought we'd try the menu here again. It's not so good for us. The menu used to be this lovely well designed long skinny card stock of an unusual assortment of pizza, pasta and what I'd call California cuisine. Lots of that still there but the menu is really hard to read and not all the ingredients are listed.

            Then there's the gluten free crust for an added charge. I believe they have changed that gf crust. It's very gluten ee. I asked what they were using and they said rice flour. Well, if that crust is made of rice flour there must have been very little cuz rice flour sticks to the surface of your teeth and generally produces a more cracker like crust. But then...i did not feel so good after dinner, so maybe they forgot to make mine gluten free?? It's happened here before but that's when we were coming more often and I could see the difference between the crust. Wish they'd do a cauliflower crust. It's the best!

            Seems too that it's become even noisier, maybe it was just the Tuesday we were there.

            Really. I'm not in a bad mood. In writing this days after being there. Still the impression is that the place has changed and I'm looking for another.

          • 4.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            Could use some more gluten free choices!

            I've been trying to get in the bus forever! Usually see it AFTER I've eaten! But this time we were looking with a friend from out of town and it was perfect!!!

            As for the food. It was good. Nothing out of the ordinary. It's more an experience than a culinary delight. If they come up with something similar to one of their food truck brothers, something like the baked sweet potatoe, that might seal the deal.

            It WAS fun to eat on the upper deck of the bus!

          • $$ Thai
            2855 N McCarran Blvd
            Sparks, NV 89431
            5.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            Flavors are delicate and precise! This is what coconut soup and Pad Thai should taste like!

            Funny. Every time we have come here we have been seated at the same table. Scratches head in wonder.

            Lots to choose from and very yummy.

          • 9 Retail Rd
            Dayton, NV 89403
            4.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            Quiet large Chinese restaurant with a party room in the back. The menu is pretty extensive but not expensive! Our chow fun was good but not particularly exciting, nothing green in it. Green onions would be nice. The $5.50 bowl of egg flower soup was plenty big and not salty, which i like. Ray can put more salt or soy sauce in.

            Decor was nice enough. Colorful. Be careful of the first stall in the ladies room though. The toilet really wobbles!!!

            Service a little slow.

          • 15 Foothill Rd
            Reno, NV 89511
            4.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            Very accommodating bar. We had our friends 60th surprise party here. They reserved tables for us and allowed us to decorate and bring food in. They even took pictures of the whole group and shot video of the "surprise!".

            The Restrooms are very nice with scented stuff and pretty paintings on the wall.

            Looks like the beer menu is super extensive. An added plus is the mixed drinks. One friend got a hot cocoa based drink and it was yummy indeed!

            The only reason I'm one star short of perfection is the only gluten free beer they have is not a dark beer. Still looking for that. Gotta be a place some where!

          • 5.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            What a cool place!! I'm not REALLY into comics but I'm into games and this place could lend itself to game playing quite easily. When i was there a tournament was just starting in some sort of computer game. I like board games. Both can live together especially with the snacks available and the many coffee and chai drink choices.

            Altogether a nice place with super nice people running it!

          • 100 S Virginia St
            Reno, NV 89502
            4.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            I enjoy this place except for one thing and that's the volume of the speakers aimed at the guest tables on either side of the stage area. Makes it impossible to converse before the show and during intermission. If the speakers could be angled out just a bit i believe they would still provide good sound during the shows.

            The comedians are top notch and the atmosphere is very comedy conducive.

          • 301 N Curry St
            Carson City, NV 89701
            5.0 star rating
            • 2 check-ins

            The firepit outside is very inviting. Inside is intimate and nicely arranged. I enjoy my chai here often. So pretty and love the handle free cups so in the winter. Little hand warmers.

          • 308 N Curry St
            Carson City, NV 89703
            4.0 star rating
            12/5/2019 Updated review

            Ha!!!  Gone already!!!  It is now a new different restaurant.

            Whoa. Salty!
            The Union around the corner had a private party so we finally tried the Martin. It's family style, so serving just a couple is hard, especially when I have food allergies. The rolls were soft and sweet. Good start. Carafe of wine, pitcher of water. Soup came and luckily the waitress said something about cabbage. Thank goodness. We filled her in on my problem foods. She brought me some garlic egg soup. Strong on garlic but delicious! She saw cabbage in salad so made a separate one for me. Very nice but oh so salty.
            But then the sides started coming out.

            Ok. I'm really wanting room in my tummy for the sweetbreads I ordered. Sides. I don't really want those without my entree.
            Sweetbreads finally come, along with salty salty fries. WAY TOO salty! Ate half my entree. Had her package up the bread pudding to go. Really wanted to remove ourselves from the large table of very noisy legislators.
            Too full to even try the dessert yet.
            The place is best for large groups. And wealthy people. The entree was $34. And quite honestly, not w

            4.0 star rating
            5/7/2019 Previous review
            Whoa. Salty!
            The Union around the corner had a private party so we finally tried the Martin. It's…
            Read more
          • 9460 W Flamingo Rd
            Las Vegas, NV 89147
            5.0 star rating
            • 1 check-in

            Just what the tummy ordered! Make your own salad as you come in. Pay for buffet and drinks seat yourself then go for soups, baked potatoe and BAKED SWEET POTATOES with all the fixings, pizza some pasta and of course some desserts.

            Nice place for a good healthy meal.

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