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          • Park Lane
            London W1K 7AN
            United Kingdom
            5.0 star rating

            We needed a car to get out of London for a day to do some exploring. The only requirements we had when searching for a vehicle was that we wanted an automatic transmission (husband drives manual but I'm not confident driving manual myself in case I needed to drive). And we needed a roomy backseat as we have a toddler with us and need space for a car seat.

            We selected a Lexus GS from their website completely missing the detail that it was an electric car. Upon arrival, they didn't have the Lexus but had a Tesla ready for us. Unfortunately this didn't work as we'd would be passing by some rural areas so we did not want the hassle of being required to charge the car, much less have to find a charging station. They were flexible in allowing us to get another car and we ended up with a Jaguar without incurring an additional cost.

            Pick up was easy as well as dropping off. We got back during the evening and since our hotel didn't have overnight parking, we made arrangements to drop the car off at the garage that night after they'd closed and then come back in the morning to drop off keys as they don't have a key drop off box. A bit of a hassle to have to come back in the morning but better than having to pay for parking at some random spot and worry if it's parked in a safe location.

            Things to note: they do not offer child car seats here (we ended up having to buy one) and the pedestrian entry point to get from the street ground level to the underground garage was difficult to find around the perimeter of Hyde Park. We were told to look for a big "P" which we later find out more than one exists. When made it to the garage, we didn't see Enterprise. There are other car rental agencies and when we asked around an Enterprise employee gave us a lift over to the correct area on the opposite end of the garage. With a jetlagged 3 year old in tow, that really helped.

          • 169 rue Saint-Honoré
            75001 Paris
            4.0 star rating

            Quick service and a decent variety of menu offerings for food and cocktails. We arrived earlier than our check in time and needed an hour to kill.  So we dropped off our bags and stumbled across this place.

            This time around, our Paris trip was with our 3.5 year old for sightseeing and having just arrived from London, we just wanted to sit down and collect ourselves a bit. Perusing the menu, we weren't looking to order something really adventurous since obviously the 3.5 year old needs to eat, too. Placing her own orders are always too much food so we share ours and incorporate items that she'd eat and are healthy which was easy to do based off their menu offerings. They can tweak things to make vegan or vegetarian which is great. I'd been a vegetarian since I was a kid and it had never been easier eating out as such as it has been in the last few years including back home in SF. We ordered an avocado toast, fries and a salad with Camembert and Cantal cheese, hot goat cheese. The goat cheese was breaded and deep fried (perhaps even air fried, couldn't tell!) and it was delightful! Also included pears, honey (went well with the hot chèvre) and nut vinegar as the dressing. This salad was actually phenomenal and I never had such a thing before.

            There seemed to be lots of business lunches happening so perhaps this place is popular for that. It wasn't super busy despite arriving at peak lunch time. This served our needs and it certainly was not a bad place for a quick meal.

          • 68-69 The Strand
            London WC2N 5LR
            United Kingdom
            4.0 star rating

            We visited London with our 3 year old and had a day trip out of London planned. We booked a car but discovered they do not offer car seats. So we had a baby equipment delivery service/vendor lined up to have a far seat delivered to our hotel. Closer to our date, they informed me they were fully booked so that left us without any other option but to buy a car seat.

            I wasn't about to spend £££ on a luxury car seat (which is all we were finding in London) for one day use so I started googling and came across Argos. I browsed their site and saw the car seat that met our specifications which ended up being the same price as it would have been to rent from the vendor plus their delivery/pickup fees.

            We hate being THAT customer but we arrived 15 minutes before closing on the night before our planned day trip and we were able to purchase the car seat right then and there on their systems. Then walked a few steps over to their counter where they brought it over. We were in an out in 10 minutes.

            Service was fine although I realize a clueless customer rushing in so close to the end of your day might be slightly irritating. After use, we listed the car seat on Craigslist to anyone who wanted to pick up from us at our hotel lobby free of charge which worked out great since we didn't need to schlep the car seat to a local charity shop.

          • €€€ Hotels
            4 Rue du Mont Thabor
            75001 Paris
            5.0 star rating

            Friendly and accommodating staff. We stayed in the "Prestige, Larger Guest room" with a King sized bed and it was comfortable. Although the room was not what one might consider large, it was of decent size.

            Location-wise, it's about a block or so from Jardin des Tuileries, the Louvre, the Seine and EXCELLENT shopping. The husband and I had been to Paris several times before but we decided to book Paris to do some sight seeing with my 3.5 year old as she developed a bit of a Paris obsession (Madeline books, images of Eiffel Tower etc) and had a great experience here.

            Upon arrival, there was a hand written note to welcome us, complimentary bottle of wine, an Evian, chocolates and some cheese biscuits waiting for us which was a nice touch. Margiela toiletries was also a plus.

            Hours after check out, I'd received an email invoice reflecting some discrepancies with the mini purchases. We called and they took care of it immediately. We had a great stay.

          • 350 Old Brompton Road
            London SW5 9JU
            United Kingdom
            4.0 star rating

            Had a long day from a day trip out to the countryside and had just gotten back to our hotel in London. We decided to call it a night since we were exhausted and couldn't even bring ourselves to pick up food a block away (having a toddler plus jetlag does that to you!). The first thing that popped into my head was to have pizza delivered. This place was close and offered late night delivery so I placed the online order.

            Considering this is London they have excellent price point and delivery was quick and prompt. Having never ordered from this place before, I decided to call just to get a confirmation a short time after placing my order. A staff member who answered was super helpful and mentioned they were already on it that my order was in the oven. Sure enough, the food arrived about 30 minutes later to our hotel. Pizza was surprisingly pretty decent as I had no idea what to expect considering their price point. No issues here!

          • 105 East 6th St
            Los Angeles, CA 90014
            5.0 star rating
            • Ordered Online with Yelp

            Captain Crunch for the win. It was perfect with crunchy tater tots, sautéed onion/peppers, jalapeño to add a kick of heat, eggs (it had a perfect ratio of eggs to the other ingredients. Many others fail at this), cheese, avocado and sriracha mayo for dipping.

            The size was perfect - not overly huge but I can imagine there are loads who disagree with me as my brother mentioned he can go for seconds. I'm sure he would have if he was closer but he picked up all our orders and drove them straight back to Santa Monica where we were. And somehow the tater tots retained their crunchiness.

            Like I said - perfect.

          • 1353 Taraval St
            San Francisco, CA 94116
            4.0 star rating

            Not to be confused with "Sticks" who also specializes in corndogs in Oakland. I'd forgotten they were called "Stix" and kept mistyping their name into Yelp which yielded results for another establishment. I finally came to the realization that  this shop is called "Stix". Oops.

            We ordered a strawberry milk and a banana milk, a beef corn dog and two cheese corndogs with potatoes. The drinks arrived posthaste and I was pleasantly surprised. Being born in Seoul, I grew up drinking Korean strawberry milk and banana milk. Strawberry milk here in the States was always all like the Nesquik versions, too sweet for me and has a "different" type of strawberry" taste to it. And I had never been able to find similar banana milk that wasn't like a banana milkshake. I liked Stix's version  - not exactly like the Korean versions I know (it doesn't have to be) but refreshing and not overtly sweet. A thumbs up from me.

            Our corn dogs took a little longer than it needed to, I thought. When it finally arrived, it wasn't that hot so I knew it had sat out a bit so perhaps it just got busy back there. My husband loved the plain beef corndogs - he opted for no cheese or potatoes. I liked that they had a good variety of dipping sauces, all self service as they were available on their trolley. I had the cheese, potato corndog - no sugar. If I could give it a criticism it would be to add a bit of a salty element to it. Despite having tried various sauces, something tasted amiss and then I realized there was no salt to bring out any of the flavors. The husband agreed with me. The cheese, along with the rice batter + potatoes and no salt was a smidge on the bland side for me personally. Otherwise it was cooked through perfectly producing a great crispy exterior without it being too crispy. And yes, the cheese pull was seemingly never ending.

            Husband and I like to snack often and I'm glad to have Stix as an option.

            Comment from Emily H. of Stix
            Business Owner
            12/21/2019 Hi Esther,
            Thank you for your detailed review. We are glad to hear that you like our Strawberry Milk…
            Read more
          • 180 El Camino Real
            Palo Alto, CA 94025
            3.0 star rating

            Hadn't been to Shake Shack in about a decade when I used to take frequent trips to NYC. I was never wow'd to be honest but decided it was time to give SS another go as we happened to be doing some shopping a few weeks back and line was do-able.

            Due to their popularity, seating is kind of a nightmare. I've seen preschool aged kids saving places at the tables alone while their parents are in line to place their orders when there are families with food in hand ready to eat with nowhere to sit. The outdoor patio seating could have been nice except when we were there around peak lunch  time, the direct glaring sun and lack of an awning was unbearable. I heard young children complain about the heat and a family with babies deciding to pack up and take their food to go as it started to get unbearable. Even after 10 minutes of waiting.

            The self ordering kiosks were easy to use and the wait to order wasn't terrible at all. I imagine not everyone is tech savvy or just don't understand how to navigate through the menus most likely causing additional lag. I was surprised to see they had a couple options on the menu for dogs - no wonder there were so many pups outside!

            We ordered two shroom burgers and a chicken/apple/sage hot dog. I wasn't really impressed with the potato buns and overall the Muenster cheese oozing out of the portobello was a bit too much for me. I couldn't finish the burger. The crinkle cut fries with the cheese sauce was fine.

            Verdict? I was left impressed a decade ago and had high hopes this time around. Unfortunately feelings have not changed this time around granted we opted for their non traditional items.

          • 45 Jermyn Street
            London SW1Y 6JD
            United Kingdom
            4.0 star rating

            Upscale ambiance but not stuffy. Excellent service. Two out of the five of us had the Beef Wellington flambé which was very fun to watch. The caviar (served via a trolley) was delightful and the truffle pasta with aged Parmesan was appetizing. They offer vegetarian options which is appreciated.

            A perfect setting for date night or a business lunch during the day with a possible celeb sighting. We spotted someone enjoying an intimate birthday dinner not too far away from our table but we couldn't remember his name. We were curious and asked a staff who he was and he and politely declined to say which we respected. This says a lot about the professionalism of their staff.

            It got pretty busy as the night progressed but we did not feel rushed and felt we had ample time. Recommended!

          • 1415 18th St
            San Francisco, CA 94107
            5.0 star rating

            Best iced coffee in the city. The space is small but charming with seats right at the windows. As everyone says, the avocado toast is made well, ample avocado, garlicky. Growing up vegetarian in a meat eating household, I've made do with avocado toasts or avocado bagels for 20+ years so I've had MANY in my days. I tend to dislike when avo toasts is more like guacamole on toast but this did not disappoint.

            Service is friendly and efficient.

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