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          The Best 10 Restaurants in San Francisco, CA

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          • Sponsored Results

          • Little Creatures Mission Bay

            “A lot to like here - fun location looking out at the ballpark (could see the scoreboard from our table), great food (did it family-style with a bigger group and seriously wasn't a…” more

          • All Results

          • Fog Harbor Fish House

            (415) 421-2442

            Pier 39

            Fisherman's Wharf

            Happy hour specials
            Locally sourced ingredients

            “I had this restaurant bookmarked since the last time I was at San Francisco which was about four years ago. So this time I made it my mission to go here for…” more

            Offers reservations

            Live wait time: 2 - 12 mins

          • The House

            (415) 986-8612

            1230 Grant Ave

            North Beach/Telegraph Hill

            “Tiny restaurant but incredibly tasty and well worth the cost! The reviews don't like. Get a reservation and enjoy yourself :) We ordered: - fried salmon rolls…” more

            Offers reservations

          • Marufuku Ramen SF

            (415) 872-9786

            Located in Japan Center

            Lower Pacific Heights

            “We love ramen and regularly visit ramen restaurants in Convoy / Mira Mesa areas of San Diego. That's why we were eager to try Marufuku ramen in Japantown, SF.…” more

            Live wait time: 69 - 99 mins

          • um.ma

            (415) 566-5777

            1220 9th Ave

            Inner Sunset

            “This is probably a spot where you need to be selective about what you order, as some items might be misses. Stick to the classic stuff, like the Korean Fried…” more

            Offers reservations

            Live wait time: 4 - 14 mins

            Offers delivery

          • MaMo

            (415) 658-7150

            3659 Buchanan St

            Marina/Cow Hollow

            “Came here on a whim last Friday and I think I've found my new go to place in SF! A friend had a craving for Latin food so we came here Tequeños: so yummy!…” more

            Offers reservations

          • Scoma’s Restaurant

            (415) 771-4383

            1965 Al Scoma Way

            Fisherman's Wharf

            • Current wait time: 0 mins

            “I guess I was wrong when I made previous statement about Oceanaire being my top choice when it comes to upscale seafood. And boy was I because I had the…” more

            Offers reservations

            Offers delivery

          • Liholiho Yacht Club

            (415) 440-5446

            871 Sutter St

            Lower Nob Hill

            “So, I have been to Liholiho many times, but our last visit was truly amazing. From the service and the ambiance, to the drinks and the food, Liholiho Yacht…” more

            Offers reservations

            Offers delivery

          • Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine

            (415) 814-2920

            710 Florida St


            “Party place and awesome food. Hat yai fried chicken my go to. Alongside with the volcano noodles. This is real spicy food if you want it to be. If you don't…” more

            Offers reservations

            Offers delivery

          • Zazie

            (415) 564-5332

            941 Cole St

            Cole Valley

            “I've been meaning to try Zazie for forever, but I was always afraid of the wait. I got there at 9:45 and put my name down for 2 and my friend and I got our…” more

            Offers reservations

          • Limón Rotisserie

            (415) 821-2134

            1001 S Van Ness Ave


            “I friend took me to this restaurant years ago and since then, I've been a huge fan. I try to eat here whenever I'm in the city. I typically order the…” more

            Offers reservations

          • The Front Porch

            (415) 695-7800

            65 29th St

            Bernal Heights

            “I took some coworkers here for our monthly happy hour. First, I love you can make larger (10 people) reservations without calling. I did end up having to call…” more

            Offers reservations

            Offers takeout

          • Pier Market Seafood Restaurant

            (415) 989-7437

            Pier 39

            Fisherman's Wharf

            Outdoor seating
            Locally owned & operated

            “Pier Market Seafood Restaurant is located at Pier 39, and we were sat by the window where we got a great view of the sea lions. I came here on a Saturday…” more

            Offers reservations

          • Beretta

            (415) 695-1199

            1199 Valencia St


            • Current wait time: 0 mins

            “Thank God Beretta was open on New Year's day. Our group was able to get a four top and sneak in a baby to enjoy a late lunch. Beretta is a consistently good…” more

            Offers reservations

          • Burma Superstar

            (415) 387-2147

            309 Clement St

            Inner Richmond

            “Delicious! I'd never had Burmese food before coming here, and this place set the expectations very high. The wait is extremely long but if you have the time,…” more

          • The Pawn Shop

            (415) 874-8041

            993 Mission St


            “Nearly missed the location because it really does look like a pawn shop with random knick knacks on the wall and in the displays The front greeter person…” more

            Offers reservations

          • Tuba Authentic Turkish Restaurant

            (415) 826-8822

            1007 Guerrero St


            “One of the best meals I've ever had The food was fresh and flavorful and the staff was friendly and patient I'll be a regular in here” more

            Offers reservations

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • Loló

            (415) 643-5656

            974 Valencia St


            “My friends and acquaintances who are new to SF often ask for food recommendations and the first question I ask is what cuisine and price range were they…” more

            Offers reservations

            Offers delivery

          • InoVino

            (415) 681-3770

            108B Carl St

            Cole Valley

            • Current wait time: 0 mins

            “Nice neighborhood restaurant! Staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable and the food is tasty. BRAVO!” more

            Offers reservations

            Offers delivery

          • Kitchen Story

            (415) 525-4905

            3499 16th St


            “FIRE WEEKEND-BRUNCH SPOT! This was recommended to me by a native San Franciscan and friend! Definitely moved it's way up to one of my top brunch spots in…” more

            Offers reservations

            Offers takeout

          • Delarosa

            (415) 673-7100

            2175 Chestnut St

            Marina/Cow Hollow

            • Current wait time: 0 mins

            “My favorite pizza place in SF so far. I LOVE the margherita burrata. I had never had burrata on a pizza before till I went to the Delarosa location in Fidi.…” more

            Offers reservations

          • Daeho Kalbijjim & Beef Soup

            (415) 563-1388

            1620 Post St


            “I almost hate it when the hype lives up to the name. Dang it. But it was so good. I came here with an out-of-town friend, when neither of us were particularly…” more

          • Dumpling House

            (415) 829-2789

            335 Noe St


            • Current wait time: 0 mins

            “Nothing to complain about. Great food, quick service & they use waitlist. Pork & cabbage dumps Shrimp & leek dumps Bean paste noods BBQ pork buns Green…” more

          • Sotto Mare Oysteria & Seafood

            (415) 398-3181

            North Beach/Telegraph Hill

            “Finally got to try the "best damn crab cioppino". The seafood was really fresh and the tomato broth was tangy and rich in flavor without being overwhelming.…” more

            Offers delivery

          • Mona Lisa Restaurant

            (415) 989-4917

            353 Columbus Ave

            North Beach/Telegraph Hill

            Gluten-free friendly
            Women-owned & operated

            “Said about authenticity, this restaurant has it all food was delicious, service was great just to said that Italian food is not my husband favorite choice,…” more

            Offers reservations

            Offers takeout and delivery

          • Nopa

            (415) 864-8643

            560 Divisadero St

            Alamo Square

            “Tip of the Iceberg! Just enjoyed a taste of NOPA on Divisadero in SF and enjoyed an incredible evening of Happy Hour appetizers that were served on large…” more

          • Suppenküche

            (415) 252-9289

            525 Laguna St

            Hayes Valley

            “Delicious food and fun atmosphere. There aren't too many german places in the city but I've been here 3 times in the last year. It is a little confusing on…” more

            Offers reservations

            Offers delivery

          • Gary Danko

            (415) 749-2060

            800 N Point St

            Russian Hill

            “I can safely say that Gary Danko has flawless execution of service and delicious variety of dishes with high quality ingredients. This has been far one of my…” more

          • Kokkari Estiatorio

            (415) 981-0983

            200 Jackson St

            Financial District

            “It's hard not to just rattle off a string of superlatives to describe Kokkari - but it really is as good as it gets. It's the kind of place that fills you with…” more

            Offers delivery

          • Noosh

            (415) 231-5985

            2001 Fillmore St

            Lower Pacific Heights

            “What an amazing Spot! Food is amazing , wait staff is great and The Restauarnt Manager Noel's Hospitality is Excellent. We went there for a nice dinner and…”