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        1. Keep your kitchen running smoothly

          Bagel Boy


          Photo by Ron L.

          Find the Best Businesses in Town

          Hot & New Businesses

          4.0 star rating
          8 reviews
          Ramen, Tapas/Small Plates
          Financial District

          Opened 3 weeks ago

          4.5 star rating
          22 reviews
          Dim Sum, Shanghainese
          Lower East Side

          Opened 4 weeks ago

          5.0 star rating
          18 reviews
          American (New), Cocktail Bars
          Hoboken, NJ

          Opened 6 weeks ago

          The Local Yelp

          Dance like you mean it, Manhattan!

          Feeling the beat? Down to boogie? Ready to groove and bust a move? You know where this is going. Looking for a new hobby this year? Try a class or a fun club and get dancing, ya’ll.

          The Local Yelp

          Official Yelp Event

          Yelp Hudson Valley TOP THIS!

          Calling all pizza lovers, stringy cheese pullers, topaholics.. this next Official Yelp Event, is for YOU! Yelp Hudson Valley is pairing with DVine Pie in Piermont to give you the best National Pizza Day ever! That's right pals.. Pizza OYE, on National. Pizza. Day. Not only does DVine pie whip up drool-inducing slices, but they use sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. And on top of that, they have a triple Food Network Chopped Champion as their Chef-- Chris Holland!! You better RSVP ASAP because this guest list is going to fill up mighty quick! Over the course of two hours, we will enjoy: -- an array of delicious eats from DVine Pie including pizzas with unique and tasty toppings like chorizo, smoked tomatoes, melted leeks, aged gruyere, garlic confit and so much more! -- wine, beer and a specialty crafted mixed drink -- mix and mingle DVine Pie owners and staff, along with a local themed trivia All attendees must RSVP from their own Yelp profile. You and a +1 are invited  Where: Dvine Pie, Piermont NY When: Sunday February 9th Time: 12pm-2pm Event Check-In/Feedback Link *BOOKMARK THIS*: https://www./biz/yelp-hudson-valley-top-this-piermont Tip: Please bring $5-$10 cash gratuity for our generous hosts and servers. You must be 21+ to attend this event. Please remember to drink responsibly and ensure a safe ride home. Parking/Other Details: There is limited parking in front of the venue but spots are available on the street all along the neighboring roads. Carpooling is encouraged! Uber and Lyft are also available locally. About DVine Pie: In July 2018, DVine Pie first opened its doors with Executive Chef Chris Holland overseeing the kitchen, Doug overseeing the bar and cocktails, and Joe...well...Joe overseeing it all. In the mood to have your toes curled?  You've come to the right place. You will receive a confirmation or wait list notice the weekend before the event. Any questions can be emailed to Kate at hudsonvalley@ Spots on the guest list for Yelp Hudson Valley events and perks are not guaranteed, nor a first come, first served experience. While we'd love to let in everyone interested in attending, that's not always possible. As a general policy, we save room for Elites (specifically Hudson Valley locals) who haven't been to an event in a while, if ever. Plus, we like to have Elites in attendance who are supporting the local business owner community with useful, funny, cool reviews as well as great photos. Additionally, a history of no-shows for events affects whether or not you're considered.  Accessibility and ADA Compliance: Yelp Hudson Valley is committed to reducing barriers and ensuring that our events are welcoming and accessible to all. If you have any questions or requests before you get here, please email us at hudsonvalley@.

          Sun, Feb 9, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

          Review of the Day

          Bernice N.
          Wrote a review for
          Review of the Day
          4.0 star rating

          This was fun. I never had a Macaroon and this location was my first to try one. They had plenty of flavors and yet I still have decided that I don't care to much for these desserts. Maybe others who enjoy this treat would love to make a visit here to this location because they had plenty of flavors to choose from. They also had a pretty display of chocolates. I found the lipstick piece to be delightful. I also purcha... Continue reading

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