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          Review Of The Day Archive for San Francisco

          • Esther A. wrote a review for Flour + Water Pizzeria

            4.0 star rating

            Stopped by a couple weeks ago, a week after their opening. Located in the former Farina spot right on the corner of Valencia and 18th with several outdoor seating right along the sidewalk. A prime Mission spot compared to the original Flour + Water on Harrison.

            Pizzas are the mains here but they offered plenty of appetizers. We ordered the mozzarella sticks (get it), a kale salad and two Margherita pizzas.

            The pizzas may look Neapolitan in style but I don't think it's what they're going for here. The first thing I noticed when we were being seated was the large industrial gas oven sitting in their kitchen as opposed to the stone/brick wood burning ovens that are the standard in Neapolitan pizzerias. This produced drier, crispier crusts (no floppy crusts = forks + knives not necessary) and so the ample sauce provided for the mozzarella sticks were repurposed as a dip for the crust.

            No complaints on service. Even though we had a designated server, the others checked in on us, too throughout our meals.

            Before bring over our check they asked if we wanted dessert. We originally planned to get the soft serve but opted out as it was going to push us over the edge after having the pizzas. Now having read Cherylynn's review, it looks like I will need to reserve space for it the next time.

          • Saminda W. wrote a review for The Butcher Shop by Niku Steakhouse

            5.0 star rating

            My friend sent me a picture of his burger some days back saying it was the best burger he ever had, and this guy really knows his burgers. But be forewarned he said, they start selling them at 11:30am and sell out quickly, and they are not open weekends.

            So I planned...

            I had the day off after July 4th, so made it a mission to arrive there right when they opened. At 11:33am, I ordered the burger and waited 8 long minutes (it wasn't that long). When the burger arrived, my expectations were high.. and the burger surpassed them.  It was a top 5 burger for sure, and up there with Marlowe, Zuni, Wesburger.  Pure wagyu, the most juicy flavorful tender patty, topped off with some delicious pickles, special sauce, and nestled inside a heavenly buttery bun. Every bite was extraordinary, and out of body burger experience.

            The lines will be long here soon, I foresee it..

          • Sofia R. wrote a review for Pasta Pop-Up

            4.0 star rating

            I had been meaning to try Pasta Pop-Up for a while and was finally able to try it for dinner.

            Spacious and lively space with friendly staff! Food was also very good, here's what we ordered:

            Arancini - Bolognese stuffed saffron risotto ball with green peas. Hefty, cheesy, and very filling.

            Taglierini Nero - Black squid ink spaghetti with clams, mussels, squid, cherry tomato. Generous in flavor and seafood, we really enjoyed eating this dish. The pasta was also great quality, loved the texture.

            Overall, great spot. I would love to try more from their menu, personally eyeing the carbonara next.

          • Jennifer L. wrote a review for Churn Urban Creamery

            4.0 star rating

            Super brand new spot. Like two-days old new. Read about the opening in the neighborhood, with Mayor Breed and all.

            Awesome addition to San Bruno Ave! They're clearly working out the kinks of their new shop. Staffs a bit disorganized. I came in on Sunday in the early afternoon to a modest crowd. Can't imagine what the lines would've been like if the line was any longer. Hopefully this will be work out soon!

            The two flavors I tried were Banana Pudding and Mint Chip. Banana Pudding was pleasantly flavorful, but a bit on the sweeter side (for my personal taste buds). Mint Chip was refreshingly delightful, with the mint leaves all chopped up and blended nicely into each bite. In a matcha waffle cone, of course. 'Twas memorable.

            Will return again - 4 stars!

          • Cindy L. wrote a review for Bon Voyage

            5.0 star rating

            I think I may have found my new favorite happy hour spot - granted I am a sucker for all things Asian Fusion (:

            I came here on a Friday at 5pm and didn't have to wait at all. My friends and I were the first table seated upstairs (the upstairs seating area opens at 5pm), and the whole place filled up around 6pm. In other words... come early!

            In terms of drinks, I'm a huge gin fan and tend to go for cocktails that are refreshing, citrus-y, but not too sweet. Singapore Slings are always a hit or miss for me (most places make it too sweet), but the Singapore Sling here was perfect. I loved it so much that I ordered a second round of it - even after trying my friends' various drinks!

            In terms of food, the Pork Belly Baozi was my favorite - soft & slightly sweetened buns, crispy & juicy pork belly, and covered in the most fragrant sesame/peanut/hoisin sauce. If you like buns and pork belly in general, this is a must order. I also liked the Shiitake Baozi, but would skip out on the Pork Shui Jiao (the dumpling skin was a bit tough, and the spicy sauce was a bit bland).

            All in all, a great place to chill with friends and enjoy some delicious drinks and appetizers!

          • Yiven C. wrote a review for Mishka

            5.0 star rating

            Dogs don't lie about where they want to go and mine led me right back to Mishka after we had just left.

            It's PAWsitively Awesome +'s:
            + Sophisticated cakes. That glass case showcases beautiful dog cakes in various meats such as beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey. They look like Michelin Star desserts for humans!
            + Gorgeous treats with flavor. My dog loves the heart shaped treats baked by Mishka's team. Packed with flavor my dog will do absolutely anything for them. It's telling when she wanted to go back to the store after I had tried to exit and continue our stroll along Sacramento.
            + Amazing people. My dog doesn't warm up to everyone or every place but here she felt quite at home. No pushy sales people and the owner,Olia, is so nice and helpful.
            + Couture grade clothing. I got Tofu a teal bomber jacket. It has safety reflective design and she pranced around the boutique like a princess. There is great knitwear done by hand. Not all items on bedding or clothing have a price tag so you may have to seek some assistance.
            + Tasteful space. Not only are the cakes and treats tasty, but the space is tastefully designed. The back area is open for those who want to throw events for their fur-babes.
            + Community-minded. I love that they do events to help rescue dogs too. Gives all dogs a chance to be part of a home if they do not have one.

            My dog is running out of her heart shaped treats so I know we will have to return soon. She prefers them to all her other treats so I may have created a little monster but as long as she is happy, I can't complain.

          • Tim C. wrote a review for Skool

            4.0 star rating

            This restaurant is relatively hidden in the corner and the entrance is inconspicuous hidden between some bushes that lead you through the outside patio. You might have to look twice to find the entrance.

            The inside is modern, casual, slightly upscale. Most of the time I'm just spending time at the bar keeping my bartender friend company. The drinks are good. I have not tried the food yet but it always looks very delicious just by seeing it coming out of the kitchen.

            I think this place is great for happy hours. And it seems to attract a lot of groups who celebrate their birthdays or any other festive occasions here.

          • Tu Anh T. wrote a review for Rooster & Rice

            4.0 star rating

            I've been coming here consistently once a week for lunch and I always order the same item: the original with extra veggies. As a business, I think it is perfectly well put together: delicious chicken and rice bowls served fast with your standard Asian-themed drinks. The quality and flavor of the chicken is always the same: yummy and plentiful! I especially appreciate the no-fuss approach: basic decor, a few tables for sit-down eaters, plenty of hot sauce for you to pour over your rice bowl.

            The only thing that made this not-a-5-star experience for me: 30% of the time when I come here, they're out of veggies. And by veggies, they really mean extra broccoli. Please look into your broccoli supply chain so you can prevent how often you run out of this item! I really love your broccoli - whenever I can order them!

          • Sylvia H. wrote a review for Roma Antica

            5.0 star rating

            I came here with a party of 3 on a regular weekday at 6:30PM. We were seated immediately, but the restaurant started to get packed shortly.

            I love how the front of the restaurant is an open window/wall, so the restaurant doesn't get too stuffy. The interior of the restaurant is simple and brown with log tables. Behind the bar area, there is a brick wall with an opening window showing the wooden gas fire oven to make pizza. There is a small outdoor heated patio with blankets for customers who want to sit outside and/or have pets! Very thoughtful of the restaurant. I noticed a water bowl for dogs to drink. Most of the table arrangements are either 2 seats per table or 4 seats per table. If you plan to come with a large group, I recommend getting on the wait list or come earlier to get a larger table! There are bar seats if you don't mind sitting at the regular tables. There is also a private room in the back for a larger party with a fire place on the wall.

            Once we were seated, a waiter served us some complimentary house bread! We dipped the bread in olive oil and it was scrumptious! We asked for seconds. We ordered calamari as an appetizer to share and we each ordered our on individual entrees.

            Calamari (5/5) - The calamari with red bell peppers and zucchini were nicely battered.
            Lasagna (5/5) - This lasagna had a lot of meat, so it was pretty filling and delectable.
            Ravioli (5/5) - I took a bite from my friend's order and I could taste the truffle and mushrooms right away. This dish was also very luscious.
            Tiramisu (5/5) - If you want something not too sweet, but help satisfy your sweet tooth, then this is a good choice.

            TIP: If you check in on Yelp, you get a free Tiramisu! So I checked in to get a free Tiramisu for the table to share. The Tiramisu was the perfect touching to end our meal.

            Even though there was a water pitcher placed on our table for us to refill our water cups, there was this one server who kept refilling our water cups whenever our water cups were low. He was the same server who asked if we wanted a refill on bread too. The food comes out pretty quickly. We had a pleasant experience and really enjoyed the food here. I highly recommend eating here and I would come back again. If you plan to drive, parking might be tricky, so I don't recommend driving.

          • Sophia L. wrote a review for Craftsman and Wolves

            4.0 star rating

            TL;DR They're known for their "Rebel Within Me"

            The "Rebel Within Me" is a muffin with a soft boiled egg inside. Great aesthetic for the perfect IG shot if the egg is cooked right and oozes out. I thought that it was way too salty and the egg was not impressive. The muffin was pretty cold even though they said they warmed it up. I'd probably get a croissant or morning bun if I ever come back, they looked good!

            Latte was solid, espresso pulled properly and blended well with the milk. Had me jittery for a couple hours.

            The cafe has a very modern and minimalist feel. I dig it!